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A global community for good. Now in India.

MakeSense is kicking off in India!

Are you passionate about social entrepreneurship? Do you want to be the spark that helps others launch into action on important causes? And do you also love community?

Read on, we’re looking for you!

MakeSense makes changing the world everyone’s business!

MakeSense is both a community and a platform for action. We engage thousands of citizens and social entrepreneurs across the world to build and grow local solutions for societal and environmental challenges. We partner with both governments and companies to scale the best solutions.

MakeSense is led by incredible, passionate volunteer community leaders. We have an open-source toolkit of methods – constantly iterated and improved by the community – which anyone can be trained to use to help social entrepreneurs solve challenges, help people launch new social enterprises, and more.

India has always been intricately linked to MakeSense – the concept was in fact born out of a trip meeting social entrepreneurs in India. Now, starting October 2017, we are delighted to announce that we will be launching a full-time community support office in New Delhi to grow the community and take our impact to the next level.

In partnership with the  Institut Français India and Bonjour India, an Indo-French platform for creativity, innovation, and partnerships, MakeSense India officially kicked off with a training session for new MakeSense Ambassadors from across India this October.

Ambassadors spent two days learning to build a community of passionate volunteers to tackle important societal and environmental challenges in their towns, all through the power of social entrepreneurship and citizen engagement. They learned how to organize and facilitate different MakeSense events through hands-on practice, how to build a community, and much more!

Where is MakeSense now launching in India? Check out the map!

A global community with locally-organized chapters all over the world


Cities across the world


Solutions created for social entrepreneurs


Citizens in action with design thinking tools

Are you also interested in joining, or launching, a MakeSense community to help boost local social entrepreneurs and join this movement for good? Anyone can become an Ambassador by leading a local community! We have free training programs online as well as 1-1 support available.

Get involved to grow this movement for good, together!

MakeSense is a support platform you can use to help build up your local social enterprise ecosystem, no matter where you live. You can download our different methods, receive free trainings on how to organize and facilitate events, and receive tailored support in launching a community in your town!

MakeSense is also an open community built by volunteers. We thrive on diversity, ideas, and innovations from our members. As much as you can download tools, you can also “upload” your ideas to improve tools, create new ones, or to better build up the community in India. Have ideas of how to leverage the MakeSense community and platform to create greater impact in India? We’d love to hear them!

Launch a local community

Beyond the in-person training session listed at the top of the page, we also offer regular online programs to learn how to build communities. You will both receive individual support and become part of a cohort with peers from all over the world! Learn more!

Get support with your social enterprise

Are you a social entrepreneur in India looking for free support for your business? MakeSense volunteers trained to organize creative challenge-solving workshops would be excited to help! Get in touch so we can learn more about your business, challenge, and connect you to the local community.

Partner with us!

At MakeSense, we’re all about collaboration. We are always on the lookout for aligned partners, whether corporations, startups, NGOs, or institutions. We also can provide great opportunities to coworking spaces and universities! Get in touch so we can discover how we can work together.

Want to follow the MakeSense India adventure these coming months and stay in the loop about events and opportunities?

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